Combating Cellulite

Cellulite also known as “adispogenis” is actually a  problem stemming from microcirculation and the lymphatic system.  It can be graded accordingly:

The number of evident depresssions

small amount 1-4, moderate amount 5-9 and large amount 10 or more.

Depth of depressions

1 superficial, 2 medium and 3 deep.


Appearance of Skin Surface

1 orange peel, 2 cottage cheese and 3 mattress

Grade of Laxity

1 slight draped appearance,  2moderate draped appearance and 3 severe draped appearance.


Classification determined by the “pinch” test

Patient should be standing and pinching should be applied between the thumb and the index finger

1 first grade, 2 second grade and 3 third grade.


This in turn will determine length of treatment, the use of combining modalities and expected results.

Four approaches can be taken:

The Zerona laser treatment for cellulite will penetrate fat cells expelling fatty fluid which will be carried through the lymphatic system.

The Verju laser an advanced low level laser breaks up fat and fibrous tissue which is flushed through the lymphatic system..

Lipo Light is a LED system that contours the body. The light temporarily alters the cell causing fat to seep out where it can be processed by the lymphatic system.

Tripollar RF skin tightening this treatment tightens loose skin and melts fat using radio frequency energy  to cause heat. Heat promotes circulation, oxygenation and collagen production.

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