“Rediscovering individualized, personalized patient care while pursuing clinical excellence is the central focus of the Nu-Living Concierge Medical Practice.”
—Dr. Alan Terlinsky MD FACP

“The Nu-Living Concierge Membership Medical Practice strives to provide state-of-the-art medical care to members while focusing on strengthening the traditional doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Terlinsky is free to incorporate both the art and science of medicine into his approach to the care of his concierge medicine patients without the artificial barriers, bureaucratic restrictions and red tape “hassle factors” which burden most medical doctors in today’s stressed out traditional medical practices. At Nu-Living, we limit the number of patients who are concierge medicine members. It is the way medicine was intended to be practiced: a doctor and patient interacting in a relaxed, caring, private and personal environment.

Emphasis on Preventative Care

The main purpose of Nu-Living Concierge Membership Medical Practice is to provide members who truly value their health with personal, outstanding, in-depth medical care rarely seen today. Our primary mission is to support the medical and wellness requirements of member patients through expanded emphasis on preventative care.

The Latest Medical Treatments

The scientific medical treatment provided by Dr. Terlinsky is state-of-the-art. Attending an average of five major medical scientific meetings per year makes Dr. Terlinsky fully knowledgeable about all the latest medical news and new diagnostic and therapeutic developments required to practice high-quality and advanced medicine. Dr. Terlinsky, after years of study and tireless effort, has received advanced training in medical nutrition and metabolism, interventional endocrinology, cardiovascular risk reduction and anti-aging and restorative medicine. Dr. Terlinsky makes this arduously achieved, cutting edge knowledge and skill an integral part of the services and benefits patients experience when they join the Nu-Living Concierge Membership Medical Practice. Traditional doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants do not have this advanced training and certification and cannot provide what Dr. Terlinsky has to offer.

Superlative Service

Members of the Nu-Living Concierge Membership Medical Practice receive superlative service. Same day or next day appointments are the rule rather than the exception. It is important for members to experience a special relationship with Dr. Terlinsky. Each patient has direct access to Dr. Terlinsky anytime day or night, 24/7. This relationship recognizes the need for ongoing care outside of the medical office throughout the entire year. Dr. Terlinsky was one of the first doctors in his practice location to utilize a secure electronic medical record. This allows member patients to have a secure patient portal to communicate with Dr. Terlinsky and his staff about prescriptions, the need for medical appointments, important patient status updates, education, and much more. Patients have 24-hour access to most of their critical medical records.

Annual Health Assessment

Under the direction of Dr. Terlinsky, the Nu-Living Concierge Membership Medical Practice provides an annual state-of-the-art health assessment which draws upon new technologies to provide modern scientific insight into important health issues, early chronic disease process detection and customized advice on long-term health optimization and maintenance. After an annual assessment, each member patient is provided with a wellness plan to use as a “road map” for long term health.

The Nu-Living Concierge Membership Medical Practice is not a “production line” high-volume practice. Dr. Terlinsky and practice provide state-of-the-art medical care, superb preventative medicine, unhurried appointment visits and expedited appointment visits by charging an annual membership or retainer fee.

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