Dr. Alan Terlinsky is proud to announce the arrival of the new Verjú Cellulite device using Low-Level-Laser-Therapy at his Nu-living Optimal Wellness and Longevity Center located in Arlington, VA. Dr. Terlinsky’s practice will be the first office in Metropolitan Washington DC and Northern VA to use the novel Verjú technology which, after an impressive scientific study, has been recently approved by the FDA for safety and efficacy in permanent cellulite removal.

Zerona for Body Slimming, Contouring, and Sculpting

The Next Level - Verjú

Erchonia has now tested and released a new, more advanced device using Low-Level-Laser-Therapy technology called the Verjú. The Verjú is a Low-Level-Laser-Therapy device using a cold “green” laser and the Zerona, a Low-Level-Laser-Therapy device using a cold “red"" laser. Both the Verjú and the Zerona lasers are non-thermal and produce no heat, so patients do not feel anything while the procedure is performed. The Verjú, is more powerful than the Zerona, and not only dissolves fat, but it can break up fibrous tissue, tighten skin and stimulate new collagen deposition. These unique treatment effects are central to non-invasively and painlessly resolving the displeasing aesthetic appearance of cellulite.

Treatment Protocol

Verjú treatments are typically 30 minutes long, and average two weeks to three weeks in length. Dr Terlinsky says, “we can pinpoint the body areas which require customized treatment. We configure the Verjú to treat problematic areas in the midsection, buttocks, and thighs. We are able to treat those areas most annoying to the patients and often resistant to all other non-surgical treatments.” “It’s very simple”, as Dr Terlinsky relates, “Patients are given a menu from which they can merely indicate their desired body area priorities to improve skin appearance.”


In a recent clinical trial, not only did the Verjú laser system allow permanent cellulite removal, but pre and post measurements showed the Verjú also significantly reduced the circumference of the thighs. In just two weeks with six treatments with the Verjú cellulite laser, patients experienced significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite in their thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen when compared with those treated with the placebo laser.

According to Dr Terlinsky, “Studies performed on the Verjú have shown that, in contrast to other available non-invasive technologies, Verjú is, safe and effective as a stand alone procedure for significantly improving the appearance of cellulite after only two weeks." Dr. Terlinsky notes that the Verjú produced excellent results without any other adjuvant therapy such as massage, mechanical manipulation special diet, exercise, topical preparations, or medications. Verjú is unique among cellulite treatments in not requiring adjuvant treatments.

As patients come to the Nu-living Optimal Wellness and Longevity Center and undergo Verjú cellulite treatment, Dr Terlinsky says, “Patients will benefit from the scientifically proven Verjú cellulite procedure. Before the publication of the Verjú study, there had been no definitive, non-invasive proven treatment approach for cellulite which scientifically has been demonstrated to resolve or significantly improve the distressing cellulite effect. Unlike the enduring Verjú effect, many existing therapies fail to create improvements which last.”

What Is Cellulite?

It is most important to begin to answer this question by stating that cellulite is NOT a disease. It is easy to spot cellulite as it appears as little “dimples" or “pockets” in the skin which give the skin a lumpy, bumpy or “orange peel” effect. The areas most involved are on the buttocks and thighs but the arms and abdomen can also be affected. Cellulite is more common in women than men and often begins at puberty suggesting a hormonal basis to some extent. In some studies, cellulite to some degree is present in almost 90% of women.

Cellulite is also known as adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy. Cellulite is created in the subcutenous lays of the skin where capillaries, lymphatics, structural “fibrous" tissue, waters and emulsified fat interact. There appears to be some defect in the structural fibrous tissue architecture extending from muscle layers to the dermis which causes trapping or water and fat in small circular areas or cells. Contraction of the supporting fibrous strands results in the dimpling effect of cellulite.

While overweight and obese people commonly have cellulite, many people with cellulite are not overweight or have excess body fat. Indeed, the fat contained in the trapped areas is not inside adipose or fat cells. It is mainly liquid fat, water and other substances which form a “puddle” trapped by fibrous tissue.

While people who have cellulite are often perfectly healthy, medical conditions such as obesity, poor circulation, lymphatic flow impairment, and impaired detoxification mechanisms are thought to play a significant role. Stasis of lymphatic flow caused by inactivity, immobility and general low exercise habits are also thought to play a role in the severity of cellulite. Some studies point to nutritional factors.

Cellulite has many classification scales. In the Verjú study, the classification used to define baseline and post treatment status of cellulite was called the Nurnberger-Muller scale.

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