Ok, so you’ve read about Zerona cold laser treatment and you’re ready to take the plunge. How does it work? Here are the steps you will take to get started with Zerona:

Steps in initiation of Zerona treatments:

  • Assessment of your medical condition to determine if you are a candidate for Zerona.
  • Discussion to disclose your goals and expectations.
  • Dr. Terlinsky reviews your medical history and your body weight and composition.
  • Dr. Terlinsky examines your body shape and configuration.
  • Dr. Terlinsky recommends the number of treatments he feels will be realistic and needed to achieve your goals.
  • Patient is encouraged to ask questions to demonstrate their understanding of what to expect, the likelihood of success, and benefits and risks.
  • Patients are informed of ways to optimize results with optimal diet, exercise, substance avoidance, fluid intake, compliance with wearing compression garment.
  • Patient and Dr.Terlinsky discuss how and where treatments will be configured. Choices include general body fat reduction from abdomen, hips, waist and thighs and /or targeting specific areas such as body rolls, love handles, stomach pouches, upper or lower or both thighs, lateral thighs and hips, gluteal (butt) area, neck, armpitts, upper arms.
  • Patient is measured and is fit for a compression garment (see images of male and female compression garments worn by models). Curva product is started one week before actual treatments begin. Diet and exercise instructions given. Pretreatment photos taken if patient allows.
  • Schedule of appointments are made. Dr. Terlinsky reiterates need to have treatment within 72 hours of last cold laser treatment, more ideal every other day.
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