Promotion 25 % Off Apollo Tri Pollar Programs at Nu-Living

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Dr. Terlinsky is excited to bring new aesthetics and anti-aging technologies to the Nu-Living Optimal Wellness and Longevity Center.

The only third generation radiofrequency technology known as the Apollo Tri Pollar, has been approved by the FDA for treatment efficacy in reducing skin wrinkles, subcutaneous fat and cellulite. The energy produced by the 3-pronged tripolar device leads to almost an immediate skin tightening and the start of new collagen formation. It is a comfortable treatment that is considered to be noninvasive but it does involve warming the skin to produce its effect.

Almost any area of the body can be treated including the face, eyes, mouth, neck, arms, legs and hips abdomen and thighs. The Apollo can reduce flabby loose skin, aging skin wrinkles, hanging fat around the neck (so called “turkey neck”) excess superficial abdominal fat and cellulite.

Dr. Terlinsky is pleased to offer 25% off the standard price of any of the Nu-Living Apollo Tripollar Prgrams. While results can be seen after one treatment, optimum results for the face and neck is achieved after a package of 8 treatments.

Additional Package Add-Ons for other body slimming procedures available in the office including the Zerona, Zerona AD, Verju, Lipo Light and the Social Facial Peel with a 25% discount are availalbe. Please see the videos and other materials related to the Apollo Tripolar in this article.

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