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Welcome! My name is Dr. Alan Terlinsky and I treat patients from Washington, DC and surrounding areas, helping them to lose weight safely and effectively with my Nu-Living HCG Diet. As an HCG doctor with extensive experience in the area of weight loss, I can help you loose anywhere from 15-40 pounds during an intensive period of treatment. For many patients the average weight loss is 1/2 pound or more per day during the HCG injection phase of the program using a 500-600 caloric diet. This vigorous weight loss can last from 3 to 6 weeks depending on a individual circumstances, health status and target body weight goals. Ultimately, weight loss achieved with the HCG diet depends on a patient’s starting point, calories consumed, exercise performed and degree of compliance with the diet protocols. It is not unusual for some patients to lose 10-12 lbs in the first week! This is accomplished under my strict medical supervision.

Great results, particularly long term, also are achieved with Nu-Living’s modified HCG diet consisting of a VLCD with high protein in the range of 800-1000 calories per day which can produce a robust 3-5 pounds or more of weight loss per week during the HCG injection phase of the program. This less arduous VLCD in the 800-1000 calorie daily range results in weekly weigh loss of 1-3 pounds and is the most popular choice of our HCG injection patients. I will present a spectrum of VLCD diet choices for you to use with HCG injections during the first office visit.

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