Menopausal Woman Finds Renewed Energy

I am a 48-year-old property manager responsible for 6 rental units. For over 22 years, my work consisted of numerous challenging tasks requiring calm and careful action. If I was not dealing with angry renters I was usually busy with contractors who required a lot of attention. I did all this often working 10 or more hours a day and came home with energy to be with my husband and take care of my family. However over the past 3 years I experienced increasing difficulty concentrating at work, a sense of “fogginess” in my head, declining energy reserves. I have never experienced moodiness, anxiety or depression but all of a sudden they were with me all day long. I have a wonderful husband and great kids but I found myself increasingly snapping at them. My libido had taken a prolonged vacation.

My periods have become somewhat irregular and I was having more nights of restless sleep. My gynecologist told me that it was not my hormones but likely stress and depression. My internist suggested I try an antidepressant which had no effect other than completely wiping out my sex life. After reading Suzanne Somers’ book, I was convinced I was in early pre-menopause and needed to find a skilled physician to help me rebalance my hormones.

I saw Dr. Terlinsky for almost 3 hours during which time he examined me and took an unbelievably detailed history. Dr. Terlinsky explained that I was having symptoms of hormonal imbalance and he recommended several blood and urine tests. When the results came back I was found to have slightly low estrogen levels but very low progesterone levels. My adrenal glands were also starting to fatigue. I was given biomechanical estrogen and progesterone and the nutrient support program for my adrenal glands. Within 6 weeks, my mood was back to normal, I had excellent energy levels in daily life was no longer filled with impossible struggles. My relationship with my husband was back to normal. During my visit with Dr. Terlinsky, I was given a hormonally balanced nutritional plan which produced noticeable amounts of needed body fat loss. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Terlinsky as he has given me my life back once again.


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