News Zerona Treatment Reduces Upper Arm Fat

The upper arms have always been a difficult area to treat through diet, exercise, or even surgery. They are unique in that no other confounding factors can affect the circumference, especially over a relatively short period of time. But now Zerona-AD, using the same technology as the Zerona Body Contouring system, has now been FDA approved to specifically target and sculpt the upper arms.

Clinical Trial Proves Zerona-AD Safe and Effective

FDA approval for Zerona-AD came after the completion of a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind multi-center clinical investigation of 62 participants. The results obtained from the study showed a combined reduction in arm circumference of 3.7cm (1.50 inches) in the treatment group versus 0.31cm (0.10 inches) in the placebo-controlled group after six treatments over two weeks. Long-term follow-up at an average of 7.6 months showed results persisted with essentially no change from the two week measurement. Patient satisfaction was also determined to by very high in the Zerona treatment group

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