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Lipo-Light is the very first 100% LED noninvasive lipolaser body contouring and sculpting system. It uses 10 pads each of which contains 25 diodes that admit a wavelength of 635 nm. Each pad produces 300 mW of energy and penetrates 9 mm into adipose tissue. The pads are directly placed on the skin for 20 minutes for spot fat reduction followed by a 20 minutes lymphatic stimulation (40 minutes total).

The pads stimulate the lymphatic system which assists the natural drainage of lymphatic system to flush away retained lymphatic fluid in the body which allows the mobilization of the fat released from adipose tissue after exposure to the Lipo-Light LED lights. This enhances the loss of inches. The Lipo-Light results in incredible spot reduction on the arms, neck, back, wrists, saddlebags, inner thighs, bra line… Virtually anywhere. The Lipo-Light does all of this without pain, bruising, swelling, burning, and no downtime! Results are very PREDICTABLE!!

Zerona & Lipo-Light Comparison

Both of these body fat dissolving technologies, Zerona and the Lipo-Light, have similar applications. They also have unique applications. It is said that the Zerona is a body contouring device as it has the so called “systemic effect”. Patients often lose inches away from the direct application of the laser. This is because the photo inducible enzyme responsible for the adipose cell membrane disruption often appears in areas that did not directly experience the Zerona laser. So the core treatment of the abdomen, upper thighs and gluteal region with the Zerona creates fat loss in the arms, neck and axillary area.

The Lipo-Light device can be specifically targeted to problem areas such as the lower abdomen, the inner thighs, saddlebags, arms, neck and breast area. The Lipo-Light is a sculpting technique. The Lipo-Light device is also used to activate the lymph nodes promoting greater mobilization of fat lead from the adipose tissue. The Zerona and the Lipo-Light can be used together to take advantage of each device’s unique features and to optimize the amount of fat which is lost.

Now with Vibra Pro!

After each Lipo-Light treatment, use of our iSmart Vibra-Pro whole body vibration machine will enhance your results. The vibration therapy will mobilize the newly released liquid fat from the immediate vicinity of the adipocyctes (fat cells) to the micro-lymphatic channels which will lead the fat toward the regional lymph nodes. The iSmart Vibra-Pro machine, by virtue of its dual vibration effects of both linear and harmonic motion, readily activates the lymph nodes. This allows for the passage of liquid fat into the blood stream on its way to the liver, where it is eliminated by the process of beta-oxidation, a metabolic reaction converting fat into energy (glucose), carbon dioxide and water.

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