Geneo+ by Pollogen

What is Geneo+?

Nu-Living is proud to offer a groundbreaking facial and skin treatment known as geneO+. This exciting, new product is integrated with three of the most powerful skin-enhancing treatments on the market including:  OxyGeneo, Ultrasound & TriPollar RF which provide the patient with an affordable, convenient and all-encompassing facial experience.  

The Technology

The geneO+ combines the power of OxyGeneo, Ultrasound and TriPollar RF into a single platform giving a patient an incredible skin-enhancing procedure.

OxyGeneo is a treatment inspired by the natural healing powers of the hot springs, known for their astounding ability to oxygenate skin. By mimicking this phenomenon, aesthetic professionals are able to offer patients three treatments in one and can use the body’s natural mechanisms to revitalize and rejuvenate skin. This includes exfoliation (cleansing the skin of dirt and dead cells), infusion (revitalizing the skin with nutrients and skin care formulas) and oxygenation (a natural phenomenon that brings oxygen to the treated area).

Ultrasound treatments are used to increase the permeability of skin allowing essential nutrients and formulas to effectively enter the epidermis.  

TriPollar RF
TriPollar uses the power of focused and optimal radio frequencies to painlessly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, fat deposits and stretch marks. The energy delivered provides safe, immediate and rejuvenating results for the patient.

What Does Geneo+ Do?

The geneO+, using OxyGeneo’s three-in-one technology, provides patients with natural and effective revitalization. On top of this, special formulas, NeoRevive and NeoBright, work together with OxyGeneo to lighten the skin and rejuvinate it by:

  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • Softening wrinkles
  • Minimizing pores
  • Reducing sun damage
  • Reviving dull complexion
  • Reducing skin pigmentation

GeneO+ is an incredible combination of three of the most powerful and effective skin care treatments on the market: OxyGeneo, TriPollar RF and Ultrasound. These allied forces provide the patient an “Ultimate Super Facial” that won’t blow their budget. Treatments are safe, convenient, long-term and, most importantly, effective.

To learn more about Geneo+ or schedule a treatment, contact us today.

Dr. Diane Wong explains how the Geneo+ works
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